REGISTER Today every business has a threat from anyone like a startup and eventually closure of the business. With the digital age, businesses rely heavily on customer/visitor engagement. This customer engagement is driven by Digital Marketing covering multiple ways such as SEO, SEM, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing. Each method has to be planned and executed in an integrated manner to achieve your strategic goals. With this vision, we have brought the comprehensive packages of digital marketing courses for you Whether you are an established marketer or a newbie, our digital marketing course program is designed to provide you with the skills which will help you to understand strategic internet marketing concepts and the tools needed to make precise decisions and also set the direction for your project, company, or product line in the digital ecosystem. After this workshop, you will be able to manage your own social media campaigns or be able to engage with your Digital marketer in an educated manner Fundamentals of Digital Marketing 1 hour  What is Digital Marketing  Why Digital Marketing is important for your business Traditional vs. Digital Marketing Marketing 4 P to 4 E Various components – SEO, SEM, Social Media, […]