Happenings at Meudyojak Entrepreneur Family in November

Happenings in November

Total Business Shared: INR 107,00,00,000 (107 Crores)

Total References Shared: 37425


Star Performer Of The Month               Maximum Visitors Award

Ms. Vandana Bhanushali                         Ms. Akshata Nikam


Maximum Business Award                   Best RD

Mr. Amol Redij                                           Ms. Vandana Bhanushali


New Members Of Meudyojak Family

Name Category Chapter Location
Chhaya Brahmankar Insurance DO Unnati Mulund
Ganesh Sorate Numerologist Ashwamedh Thane
Jeevan Nanivadekar Branding Vaibhav Andheri
Kaushik Desai CA Ashwamedh Thane
Rajesh Pardeshi Bio Care Products Aishwarya Matunga
Ravindra Kulkarni Elevator Solutions Ashwamedh Thane
Rohit More Insurance Unnati Mulund
Sanjeev Dudani Exim Consultant Unnati Mulund
Vinay Kulkarni Branding Uttunga Dombivali

Success Story Of The Month


Dr Pushpraj Salian, Loan Consultant, Aishwarya Chapter, Matunga.

The day, I joined Me Udyojak Chapter the synergy of an entrepreneur automatically drove in my stream and see today, I cannot believe myself that, I have done Rs. 21,00,000 this month. It’s an honour to be part of Me Udyojak.

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