Networking is not just about meeting people, it is also about caring for people.

Imagine having a network of people that:

  1. You really do care about,
  2. Who care about you as well,
  3. You are relevant to one another professionally, as a potential client or referral source.

Networking means developing and maintaining connections with individuals, and mutually benefiting from this developed relationship. A well-developed network will provide you a strong support system of individuals who may assist you in your career/industry exploration, in your connections to other individuals and knowing about potential job openings and business.

Networking should be considered as an ongoing process that takes time and nurturing, and not something you do just when you are looking for a job or business. It is a two-way process in which you provide beneficial support to those in your network as well.

Networking is very important when it comes to building sincere relationships based on mutual generosity. When you meet someone whom you think will in some way, be a valuable person to know down the road, don’t settle for small talk. Instead, meet them as an opportunity to find a way to care for them and help them with something. Be ready to grab opportunities to provide value to those in your network before you ask for help.

The more you invest in your relationships, the more you learn about your new connections and the easier it will be to offer assistance — and also get it in return! The best way to solidify a new connection is to be of value to someone.

“Always measure your networking success not by how many important people you meet, but by how many people you impact.

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