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Meudyojak Conducts Business Networking Events In Mumbai and Pune

Meudyojak is a family of entrepreneurs in India. Our mission is Help Each Other And Grow Together We have a blueprint to help entrepreneurs multiply their referrals by 5 times in the next 2 years. Meudyojak organizes multiple value addition training for its entrepreneurs' members.

Meudyojak has many business networking groups in Mumbai and PUne


Meudyojak is a FAMILY of families of entrepreneurs based on INDIAN VALUES. Whoever says I am an Entrepreneur in India, Me Udyojak belongs to them. It is our passion to help entrepreneurs grow their business


Please Contact Your Nearest Chapter. You can find Chapter Details in Chapter Section. If there is No Chapter in your Area; You may contact Me Udyojak Head Office

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Before you develop relations with family it is important to understand the culture of the family. Me Udyojak is a family of families of entrepreneurs and is full of WARMTH and based on Indian Values. You can visit any chapter of Meudyojak and feel very welcome everywhere. You will never feel that you are meeting our established entrepreneurs for the very first time.

Why to visit

A chance to build a business relationship with entrepreneurs from diverse fields.
Be in a ROOM where others are there to HELP you without any expectations.

Register as visitor

Fill up the contact form and visit one of the chapters.
If there is no chapter in your city or locality and you would like to launch Me Udyojak chapter there then mention the same in the contact form.

Prepare for Visit

It is very important to come prepared for Me Udyojak meeting to leverage the maximum from your visit.

Bring your business cards.

Dress in formal business attire.


Whoever says I am an Entrepreneur in India, Me Udyojak belongs to them.

  • Warmth: Indian company based on Indian Values and full of warmth
  • Language: Speak in a language comfortable to you.
  • Professional: We are a professional company with a personal touch. It is much beyond business.
  • Exclusivity: Absolute NO SLICING of categories. We believe that each and every member should grow personally and professionally. Hence we never slice categories.
  • Fun: We understand all entrepreneurs love freedom. Meudyojak membership is fun where performance is awarded
  • Mentoring: We give individual attention to members growth.


As a Me Udyojak member you get a sales team of well-established entrepreneurs who are going to use their contact circle to get you business.


The primary objective of Me Udyojak is business. We are looking out for entrepreneurs with a hunger for growth in their business.

Knowledge Center

How To Get Maximum References From Your Network

How to get maximum references from your Network Many entrepreneurs ask me what is Business Networking? Does it really work? When I tell entrepreneurs that business networking is all about developing professional and personal networks, they nod their heads but do not understand the true meaning. During my engineering days, I used to stay in a hostel. Our hostelites were very closely bonded with each other. We used to share our bikes, our rooms, our books with each other. Now as grownups we have cars, apartments, etc. But can we share then with any strangers? No. NEVER. The reason is we do not trust strangers and will not share our treasured possessions with them. If anyone wants these things from us then they have to develop trust and establish relationships with us. For an entrepreneur, one of the most treasured possession is their esteemed clients. Are they going to share their referrals with anyone who asks for it? Of Course, NO!!! When you give a referral, you are actually risking your own reputation and relationship with your clients or acquaintances. A bad referral can ruin your relationship and a good referral can enhance your relationship.  Hence you are very careful […]

Customer Journey Mapping

Digital Transformation impacting Customer journey

Digital Transformation is omnipresent. It has already been changing our behavior as human beings. More than ever, Customer expectations matter. Don’t you like that app that you just downloaded? You can give it a bad review. No response from the developers means lost customers, or worse, going out of business. Such a bad customer experience posted on Twitter, Facebook and various other social media channels can be very detrimental to your brand. When Customers interact with organizations, they don’t see departments; they see one single organization. They interact across various touchpoints for product searches, information gathering, price comparisons, reviews, ratings, finally purchases, and sharing feedback. Digital Transformation will optimize the entire customer journey and help in delivering real results. Today’s multi-channel customer is: Better informed in real-time, digitally More demanding due to loads of information availability Will jump channels at any point with so many options Let us see what are the major steps in the customer journey & which are moments of truths ( customer interactions) that are: Most important to the customer Most painful to the customer Create loyalty Aware: With high internet adoption the range of available information is limitless Digital Display ads, TV commercials, Facebook, Twitter, […]

How To Effectively Retain Your Customers

How To Effectively Retain Your Customers Customers are the pillars of your business. Though acquiring more customers is important it is equally important to retain and satisfy your existing customers. A happy customer is a source of new customers. I have seen organizations so engrossed and aggressive at getting more customers even at the cost of impacting the interests of their existing customers. For any Business one of the most important parameters is Customer Retention. There is a concept of LIFETIME VALUE OF CUSTOMER. What is the average revenue a customer generates for your company during a particular period is called the lifetime value of the customer. For example, if you are a pest control company and a housing society is your client. On average a housing society takes pest control service from your company for 4 years. If the annual pest control fees are INR 25000 then the LIFE VALUE OF CUSTOMER is INR 100,000. This is the value you have to keep in mind while you decide on your marketing spend on acquiring a new customer. This value also indicates how important is Customer Retention Here are a few ways you can engage with your customers and retain […]

Media Center


Meudyojak Family Business Networking Samruddhi Chapter Andheri


Every Tuesday

Hotel Solitaire,
Rainbow 1 Banquet Hall,
Sahar International Airport Road,
Opp. Domestic Airport Colony,
Parsiwada, Andheri East,
Mumbai 400099

Meudyojak Family Business Networking Jhep Chapter Borivali


Every Tuesday

Club Aquaria, 1st Floor,
Zaika Restuarant,
Near St Lawrence School,
Devidas Lane,
Borivali west, Mumbai

Meudyojak Family Business Networking Chimaji Warriors Chapter Vasai

Chimaji Warriors

Every Tuesday

DC Club,
behind dattani multiplex,
Vasai (w)

Meudyojak Family Business Networking Ashwamedh Chapter Thane


Every Tuesday

Hotel Satkar Residency,
1, Pokhran Rd No.1,
J K Gram,opp. Singhania School,
Thane West, Thane,
Maharashtra - 400606


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